Check out this amazing interview on Deadline with the cast/crew of Out of My Mind!

TITLE: Out of My Mind
Section: Family Matinee
Director: Amber Sealey
Screenwriter: Daniel Stiepleman
Based on the novel by: Sharon M. Draper
Distributor: Disney+
Logline: Melody Brooks (Phoebe-Ray Taylor) is navigating sixth grade as a nonverbal wheelchair user who has cerebral palsy. With the help of some assistive technology and her devoted allies, Melody shows that what she has to say is more important than how she says it.
Panelists: Amber Sealey, actors Phoebe-Rae Taylor, Rosemarie DeWitt and Luke Kirby
Key quote: On takeaways from the film, first-time feature star Phoebe-Rae Taylor said, “I hope kids with disabilities can take away from this film that they’re not alone, that they’ve got people they can talk to. And I just want people to understand that people with disabilities aren’t just objects, that they’re people with emotions and feelings, and they shouldn’t get pushed aside.”


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