Fezziwig Studios is a full-service entertainment development and production company committed to entertaining families with the highest quality movies and series that will delight, inspire and move everyone to laugh, cry, feel safe and have fun. Whether they are watching shows with each other or apart...

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Dan Angel, President and CEO of Fezziwig Studios, is a multiple Emmy, Peabody and WGA award-winning writer and producer that has been creating and supervising quality film and television production for over twenty years.

He has been responsible for some of the biggest successes in both family series and long form movies over the past two decades.


Does passion of a filmmaker guarantee any kind of satisfaction for the audience?  Well, only a track record can tell you that.

Dan Angel and the Teams’ excellence in broadcasting and film have been honored with 38 Emmy Award Wins, over 170 Emmy Nominations and multiple honors & awards including: Golden Globe Awards, WGA awards, Critics Choice Awards, SAG Awards, NAACP/Image awards, Peabody Awards, PGA Awards, AFI Honors Best Programs, Parent’s Choice Awards, Humanitas Honors, Annie Awards, Movie Guide Awards and more!



A company is only as good as the team behind it. And we think our team is as good as it gets! 

The collective skill of the teams’ combined extensive track record of award-winning TV movies/series and feature films enables them to develop & produce a slate of studio-quality, mass appeal, family-friendly entertainment content unlike anything else out there today.

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