Sarah Lucas

Sarah Lucas

Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist, Storyteller & Philanthropist 

Sarah Lucas is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist, a writer and visual storyteller, and a passionate philanthropist based in Silicon Valley.

In her roles as General Partner at Lucas Venture Group and Partner at WRVI Capital, she works with a diverse group of founders and their teams to build transformative companies across a variety of sectors.

As the Co-Founder and former CEO of Beyond Type 1, she was the driving force behind building the largest digital diabetes community in the world.

She served as Executive Producer for Bike Beyond, a documentary capturing the 10-week cross country journey of a team of amateur cyclists living with Type 1 diabetes.

She is Executive Consultant for the forthcoming Pay or Die documentary, providing an inside look at how the soaring price of insulin in America is threatening and often fatal for the Type 1 community. 

To date, she has raised over $15 million for Bay Area and national organizations focused on youth, health, and education.