When you allow other people to play in the sandbox that is your life’s work, is that a bit terrifying?

It is, but I’ve been so lucky, haven’t I? I had no time to really work on the Goosebumps TV series for four years, and the two showrunners [Dan Angel and Billy Brown] were wonderful. They just got it. Later on, we worked again with them on a TV show called R.L Stine’s The Haunting Hour, which we did four seasons of. Again, I didn’t have time to have much input, but they just got it. So, I just feel I’ve been lucky, and the fact that both of these movies turned out to be good movies, that’s really a lucky thing. You do take a real risk; the movies could’ve been horrible since somebody takes your work and goes in different directions with it. But, I’ve been so lucky.

The Hollywood Reporter

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