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This animated series follows the never-ending outbursts of Dan, a short (and short-tempered) man who has nothing better to do with his time than rail against what he perceives to be life’s injustices — even if he’s completely in the wrong. Whether he has a beef against a fast-food chain, an untalented barber, the game of baseball or lemonade-selling children, petulant Dan is always spurred into action, usually dragging best friend Chris and his wife, Elise, along on the revenge-filled ride.

Awards Received

KidScreen Award – Best Animated Series Tweens/Teens (2014)
  • Distributor: Hub Television Network
  • Director: Various
  • Writer(s): Chris Pearson, Dan Mandel, Various
  • Producer(s): Lizbeth Velasco
  • Executive Producer(s): Dan Angel, Dan Mandel, Chris Pearson, Dana C. Booton, Jay Fukuto
  • Cast: Curtis Armstrong, Paget Brewster, Dave Foley, Dan Mandel